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Organised by Mali Skotheim (Frances A. Yates Long-Term Fellow, Warburg Institute)

Since antiquity, dance has had a special relationship with the art of memory. Writing on pantomime dance in the second century CE, Lucian of Samosata said that "above all Mnemosyne, and her daughter Polyhymnia, must be propitiated by an art that would remember all things" (De Salt. 36). This interdisciplinary online conference will explore the relationship between dance and memory, including revival and re-enactment as modes of engaging with historical dance, dance as cultural memory, the question of how archives preserve dance, methodological issues surrounding archival research in this field, and somatic memory in dance practice, with attention to psychological and physiological research.

This conference will be delivered by the Zoom online platform.

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9:30am: Open Zoom meeting room

9:50am: Welcome and introduction

10:00-11:30am: Panel 1: Remembering and Forgetting (panel chair: Ruth Webb, Université de Lille)

11:30am-12:00: Break

12:00-1:00pm: Panel 2: Dance and the Archive (panel chair: Rembrandt Duits, Warburg Institute)

1:00-2:00pm: Lunch break

2:00-3:30pm: Panel 3: Movement, Memory, Knowledge (panel chair: Jennifer Taylor, Warburg Institute)

3:30-4:00pm: Break

4:00-5.00pm: Panel 4: Body and Mind (panel chair: Mali Skotheim, Warburg Institute)

5.00pm: 15 min. break

5:15-6:00pm: Final remarks and post-conference social