The Aristotle Reading Group, which was inaugurated last academic year, aims to collaboratively read the logical works of Aristotle in English translation. Beginning with the Categories and Posterior Analytics we aim to work our way through the entire logical corpus, in order to gain a granular understanding of Aristotelian theory. The methodology of close reading and tackling these works in successions organically facilitates comparison of keys ideas and concepts, continuities and discontinuities, between these important texts. 
Reading group members are encouraged, but not required, to share their own disciplinary knowledge of Aristotle and the reception of Aristotelian thought in order to raise the collective awareness of the importance of this tradition in the longue durée. There is no minimum requirement or prior knowledge for entry; many other groups devoted to Aristotle presuppose a knowledge of the minutiae of historiographical approaches to Aristotelian terminology or theory. By avoiding this, the Aristotle Reading Group thus aims to be as inclusive as possible, and encouraging a safe, judgement-free, space for newcomers and seasoned aficionados of Aristotle alike.
Text extracts will be circulated in advance of each session. If you would like to attend please email

Convenors: Jack Ford (UCL) and Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute)

Hosted by the Warburg Institute online via Zoom.