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A presentation of a new publication focussing on the artist Mary Warburg, wife of Aby Warburg. With the authors Bärbel Hedinger, Michael Diers, Steffen Haug and Andrea Völker. Special guest: John Prag, grandson of Mary and Aby Warburg. Moderated by Bill Sherman, The Warburg Institute. 

Aby Warburg's wife Mary Warburg (1866-1934) was a talented and, in her younger years, successful Hamburg artist. Her work has been widely forgotten and is now being brought to light for the first time in a comprehensive monograph. In addition, it becomes clear how intensively the famous art historian exchanged views with the artist throughout their lives on issues of art, culture and politics, in addition to everyday and family matters. 

Prof Bill Sherman, Director, The Warburg Institute 
Dr Bärbel Hedinger, art historian and curator, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Michael Diers, art historian, Berlin
Dr Steffen Haug, art historian, research associate (“Bilderfahrzeuge”) The Warburg Institute, London
Andrea Völker M.A., art historian, PhD student, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Prof John Prag, Professor Emeritus of Classics, University of Manchester

The Book:
Bärbel Hedinger and Michael Diers in connection with Andrea Völker: Mary Warburg. Porträt der Künstlerin: Leben und Werk, München 2020

This event is part of the Director's Seminar series, which brings leading scholars and writers to the Institute to share new work and fresh perspectives on key issues in their fields.