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Purgatorio, Canto XVI.58-105; Canto XVII.91-105; and Canto XVIII.13-75. The moral structure of Purgatory; the nature of love and its relation to free will.

Presented by Alessandro Scafi (Warburg) and John Took (UCL) in partnership with University College London.

This series aims to introduce the beauty, complexity and continuing significance of Dante’s ‘Divina Commedia’ through readings of the text, in the original and in translation, and through commentary on it. The readings are accompanied by a rich visual display of medieval illuminations whilst the commentary explores and invites discussion of some of the leading ideas of the poem.  


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To register for the whole programme please email with your name, your institutional affiliation (if applicable), your student status (if applicable, eg. Postgrad Masters), and your geographical location (for our statistics).​

image: Sandro Botticelli: Dante, led by Beatrice, floats up to the spheres of Paradise: Paradiso I (1492): Berlin, SMB, Kupferstichkabinett