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Anca-Delia Moldovan

Frances Yates Long-Term Fellow

Research interests: Late Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century Art | Visual and Material Culture | Iconography | Book History | History of Science and Technology | Food History | Transmission of Classical Knowledge | Patronage | Calendars | Olive Oil | Politico-Economic History and Environmental Thought 



PhD, History of Art, University of Warwick, 2020
MA, History of Art, University of Florence, 2014
BA, History, University of Bucharest, 2010

Before the Warburg, I was awarded a Long-Term Fellow at the Newberry Library in Chicago (2021/2022) to complete my monograph: “Illustrating the Year: The Iconography of the Calendar and its Cultural Impact in Early Modern Northern Italy.”

In 2022, I was a Fellow at NIKI in Florence and at the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel. Between 2019 and 2020 I received fellowships from both the Warwick Institute of Advanced Studies and the Newberry Library.


I am interested in the intersection of art, science, and material culture; the relationship between agriculture and patronage; as well as in the intertwining between classical knowledge, popular tradition, and Early Modern innovations.

At the Warburg, I am investigating the iconographical and cultural history of the olive tree and grapevines in sixteenth-century Tuscany. The rich imagery and imaginary of these two plants will offer a lens through which to explore broader sixteenth-century cultural aspects: the empirical approach towards plants, husbandry, and artisanship, and the exploitation of natural resources, both in Europe and overseas.


‘From Carnival to Pious City: Scenes of Urban Life in the Bassano Series of the Months,’ Renaissance and Reformation/Renaissance et Reforme, special issue curated by Terpstra and Hewlett, 44.2 (2021): 113−46,

‘Astrology and Agriculture in the Calendar of the Offiziolo of Charles VIII (Fondazione Giorgio Cini, inv. 2502/4),’ in Rivista di Storia della Miniatura, 22 (2018): 136−48.

‘L’incontro nel deserto tra Gesù e san Giovannino: fonti iconografiche,’ in Arte Cristiana, 103: 887 (2015): 113−22.