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Carol Elaine Barbour

PhD Student

Research Interests: Early modern art and books | Tabula Cebetis | Emblem Books | Book and Print Culture | Gender | Allegory | Reformation | Counter Reformation | Agency | Pictorial Cycles

Year PhD started: 2020



The Transmission and Reception of the Tabula Cebetis, c. 1500-1650

The Tabula Cebetis is a classical ekphrastic dialogue that achieved a wide reception in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Building on the research of Reinhard Schleier (1973), and other scholars, this project will construct a genealogy of the Tabula’s corpus from c. 1500-1650, demonstrating the interdependency of text and image in books, prints, and paintings. The primary research question is whether or not figural representations and compositional designs of the Tabula were adapted to reflect social and cultural change. Secondly, the project will examine how the Tabula Cebetis was reimagined in emblem books.

Supervisors: Raphaële Mouren / Rembrandt Duits

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