Print and Portraiture in Sixteenth-Century Italy

My research assesses the role of printed portraiture for the purposes of political propaganda and the legitimation of power in sixteenth-century Italy.

Supervisors: Paul Taylor / Michelle O'Malley


Gemma completed an MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture at the Warburg Institute, awarded with distinction. She also holds an MA in Art History (summa cum laude) and a BA in Art History and Cultural Heritage (summa cum laude) from the University of Florence.


Review of: ‘Ornament Prints of the INHA Jacques Doucet collections’, in Ornements XVe-XIXe siècles: Chefs d’oeuvre de la Bibliothèque de l’INHA, Collections Jacques Doucet, exhibition catalogue, ed. Lucie Fléjou and Michaël Decrossas (Paris: Mare & Martin, 2014), in: Print Quarterly, vol. XXXIV: 4 (2017), pp. 433-35


London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP)