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Guillermo Willis

PhD Student

Research Interests: Early Modern History of Science and Philosophy | Epicureanism | Anatomy and Medicine | 16th and 17th-centuries Prints and Drawings | Attributions | Tango Music

Year PhD started: 2021


Pierre Gassendi and the Epicurean Anatomists, 1620-1680

Guillermo holds a BA in History of Art (University of Buenos Aires, 2015) and a MA in Cultural and Intellectual History of the Renaissance (Warburg Institute, 2018). His MA dissertation, ‘The Heart-Machine: Giovanni Alfonso Borelli on the Movement of the Heart’, led to a further exploration of the impact of the French philosopher Pierre Gassendi’s revival of Epicurus’s thought on the field of anatomy in the 17th century, which is the subject of his current PhD research.

In past years, Guillermo also researched 16th and 17th-centuries prints and drawings in the National Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina), and held the Michael Bromberg Fellowship at the Department of Prints and Drawings of the British Museum (2019). In addition to his academic interests, Guillermo earned a Bachelor of Music in Bandoneon (Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla, 2015), and is keenly interested in playing Tango music.

Supervisors: Dr Sara Miglietti / Prof. John Tresch