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Louisa McKenzie

PhD Student

Research Interests: Renaissance art history and material culture | Patronage and commissioning practices | Religious art | Devotional artefacts | Digital humanities | Palaeography

Year PhD started: 2019


Waxing devotion: the economic and devotional lifecycles of wax ex-votos in Florence 1300-1500

This project examines the production, acquisition, ownership and deployment of wax ex-votos in Florence 1300-1500 to explore the meanings, functions and visual evolution of these everyday devotional objects. It offers a broad social perspective, being concerned not only with the highest end of the wax ex-voto market, but with investigating wax ex-votos deployed across different social classes. More widely, the project aims to contribute to our understanding of the ex-voto as a work of art, as well as fourteenth and fifteenth century conceptions of the visual representation of the individual and the visualisation of personhood. Funded by a London Arts and Humanities Partnership (AHRC) Research Studentship (2020-22).

Supervisors: Rembrandt Duits / Michelle O'Malley

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