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Marisa Addomine

PhD Student

Research Interests: History of Horology | History of Technology | History of Science | Renaissance Engineering and Technological Workshops

Year PhD started: 2019


The della Volpaia family: a Florentine workshop of clock and scientific instrument makers

The main focus of this project is the analysis of the Della Volpaia family’s interest in the scientific instruments described in the manuscripts, with a special focus on timekeeping devices and the astronomical / astrological background on which their design was based. For several turret clocks, detailed gear trains details are supplied, together with some indications of the intended locations for the clocks: this allows for the modelling of their mechanical construction, and for a comparative analysis of Della Volpaia turret clock design against the backdrop of contemporary clocks from both other Italian and also foreign makers.

Supervisors: Professor John Tresch / Dr Sara Miglietti