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Michelle O'Malley

Emeritus Professor

Research Interests: Production, technique, authorship and quality | Historicising quality | Workshop practice | Period understanding of workshops and pictures | Early modern material culture


Michelle O'Malley is Emeritus Professor at the Warburg Institute. She holds degrees in the History of Art from Newton College of the Sacred Heart (BA), Boston University (MA), and the Warburg Institute, University of London (PhD). In 1998 she headed the Centre for Research in the History of Art, Sussex University, arriving from the position of the Head of Education for Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. She held a number of research leadership positions in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Sussex from 1998-2014. She was the Head of the Art History Department from 2010 to 2014 and the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the School of History, Art History and Philosophy at Sussex in 2014-2015.  Professor O'Malley was the Head of the Art History Department from 2010 to 2014 and in 2014-2015 was the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the School of History, Art History and Philosophy. In 2013 - 2016 she was the Director of Research Staff Development for the University of Sussex.

From 2000-2004 she ran, with Evelyn Welch, the AHRC- and Getty-funded Material Renaissance Project and from 2008 to 2010 she held a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship award. In 2015 - 2016 she was a Research Fellow at the National Humanities Centre, in North Carolina.

Selected publications


O'Malley, Michelle  (2015) ‘Responding to changing taste and demand: Botticelli after 1490’ in Sandro Botticelli artist and entrepreneur in Renaissance Florence, eds Irene Mariani and Gert Jan van der Sman, Florence, Istituto Universitario Olandese di Storia dell’Arte; Florence: Centro Di, 2015, 101-119.

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O'Malley, Michelle (2005) Altarpieces and agency: the altarpiece of the society of purification and its 'invisible skein of relations'. Art History 28 (4). pp. 416-441. ISSN 0141-6790


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Book Section

O'Malley, Michelle (2015) Responding to changing taste and demand: Botticelli after 1490. In: Mariani, Irene and Van der Sman, Gert Jan (eds.) Sandro Botticelli artist and entrepreneur in Renaissance Florence. Centro Di, Florence. ISBN 9788870385373

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Edited Book

Motture, Peta and O'Malley, Michelle, eds. (2011) Re-thinking Renaissance Objects: Design, Function and Meaning.Renaissance Studies Special Issues . Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester. ISBN 9781444337754

O'Malley, Michelle and Welch, Evelyn, eds. (2007) The Material Renaissance. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719076572