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Vito Guida

PhD Student

Research Interests: My main interests are theological Christian texts, the development of religious notions, such as freedom, will, grace, evil, salvation, and their discussion both in secular and ecclesiastical environments, the interaction between the religious bodies and the public sphere, the rising of religious movements (monasticism, eremitism, confraternities, etc.), whether heretical or orthodox, the expression of religious sentiments in lay culture (pilgrimage, sacred mountains, sacred arts, architectural structures, print).


The Voice of Gabriele Biondo: Social and Spiritual Reformation in Central Italy

Supervisor - Guido Giglioni

Funded - Warburg Bursary


I graduated with honours at the Open University in Humanities with Classical Studies. I then successfully completed with Distinction my MA in Cultural and Intellectual History 1300-1650 at the Warburg Institute. My research is now focused on the religious and philosophical works of Gabriele Biondo, a priest active in central Italy at the end of the 15th century.