'A new look at Pico': Brian Copenhaver (University of California, Los Angeles). Respondents: Valery Rees (School of Philosophy and Economic Science), Jill Kraye (Warburg institute)

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola has been famous for a long time – but in modern times for the wrong reason: he did not write a stirring speech about human dignity.  He earned his fame in different ways: for his fascinating life-story, his convincing criticisms of astrology and his invention of Christian Kabbalah.  Brian Copenhaver’s book, Magic and the Dignity of Man: Pico della Mirandola and His Oration in Modern Memory, focuses on this last achievement and why it was neglected until the end of the last century.

This event is part of the Director's Seminar series, which brings leading scholars and writers to the Institute to share new work and fresh perspectives on key issues in their fields.

This event took place on 11 February 2021.