Professor Roger Chartier (Paris and UPenn) –  Between Cultural History and History of the Book

Alongside his outstanding research on the history of books, publishing and reading, Professor Chartier has also dedicated part of his work to epistemological questions in history. Recently, he has focused on the relationship between written culture as a whole and literature (particularly theatrical plays) for France, England and Spain. His work in this specific field, based on the crisscrossing between literary criticism, bibliography and sociocultural history, is not disconnected from broader historiographical and methodological interests, which deal with the relationship between history and other disciplines such as philosophy, sociology and anthropology.

…“It seems to me that today are widely shared the perception of the dialectic relationship between text and reading and the fact that you cannot analyze a text, whether canonical or ordinary, without taking into consideration the form of its publication, circulation, translation, and appropriation… These ideas have penetrated in the different fields of history, and all the historians, whatever their subjects of research may be, are now convinced that this approach is necessary for understanding the meaning given to the texts. The different forms of the mobility of the texts became a key notion in textual studies.”


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