Previous Research Student Projects

Here is a range of topics researched by a few of our former PhD students

Grace Allen
Vernacular Encounters with Aristotle's Politics in Renaissance Italy (as part of the AHRC research project with the University of Warwick on Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy, c, 1400-c. 1650).

Anna Corrias
The Notion of Imagination in Ficino’s Commentary on Plotinus.

Claudia Daniotti
On the Cusp of Fabula and Historia: The Myth of Alexander the Great in Italy between the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century.

Sietske Fransen
Exchange of Knowledge through Translation: Jan Baptista van Helmont and his Editors and Translators in the Seventeenth Century.

Michael Gordian
The Idea of prudentia and the Culture of Dis/simulation in Early Modern Europe.

Dirk Grupe
The Latin Reception of Arabic Astronomy and Cosmology in Mid-Twelfth-Century Antioch. The Liber Mamonis and the Dresden Almagest.

James Lancaster
Francis Bacon, Religion, and the Mind (Part of the ERC project on the Medicine of the Mind and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England: A New Way of Interpreting Francis Bacon).

Lynda Lockyer
Polemic, Propaganda, and Political Thought: In Defence of the Holy Emperor Charles (1527).

Anne McLaughlin
Drawing upon the Gods: Medieval Depictions of the Pagan Deities and their Relationship to Contemporary Ovidian Commentaries.

Paolo Sachet
The Cultural Policy of the Catholic Church in Italy during the Second Half of the XVIth Century.

Federico Zuliani
Old Loyalties and New Commitments to Catholicism in post-Reformation Denmark, 1536-1629.