HE establishment of the Institute in 1921 under its first director, Fritz Saxl, arose directly from the impulse to generate research and publications through active participation in scholarly networks. On arrival in London in 1933, the Hamburg scholars took immediate steps to reaffirm that integral purpose of Aby Warburg’s vast collection of books and images. In 1936 they launched a new books series, Studies of the Warburg Institute, a successor for the similarly-named Studien der Bibliothek Warburg. The next year saw the foundation of the Journal of the Warburg Institute, intended as more extensive in scope and varied in content than its forerunner, the Vorträge der Bibliothek Warburg; two years later they embraced the entry of the Courtauld Institute into the new project—a fruitful collaboration which continues to flourish in the Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. A half-completed Hamburg research project, cataloguing astrological and mythological manu­scripts, was continued in England, now in English, leading to two more volumes in this series (see the Title search or the Project Publications listing, Verzeichnis… and Catalogue…).

ODAY the Warburg’s publication activities and international scholarly networks are more extensive than ever before, having grown steadily since those optimistic beginnings. The links provided here lead to further information on the many fruitful publications projects and series, and one-off publications, initiated or facilitated by the Institute.

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Books Series and Research Project Publications
    Ernst Kitzinger and the Making of Medieval Art History  Criticism and Confession. The Bible in the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters  2017. Vernacular Aristotelianism in Italy from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century        2016. Ex Oriente Lux. Translating Words, Scripts and Styles in Medieval Mediterranean Society    

Books published by or in association with the Warburg Institute in the last few years (click or hover on cover images for further information)

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Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes

The JWCI is intended as an interdisciplinary forum for scholars specialising in art history, the history of ideas, and cultural history. …

  Ernst Kitzinger and the Making of Medieval Art History  2017. Vernacular Aristotelianism in Italy from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century

Warburg Institute Colloquia 

The books in this series represent the published proceedings of Warburg Institute conferences. Each volume consists of …

2017. Criticism and Confession  The Bible in the Seventeenth Century Republic of Letters  ​  2014. The Experience of Beauty in the Middle Ages (paperback)

Oxford-Warburg Studies

The Oxford-Warburg Studies comprise works of original research on the intellectual and cultural history of Europe, with ...​


Arabica Veritas

This series is published jointly by the University of Córdoba Near Eastern Research Unit and the Centre for Arabic …

2018. Band V. Briefe​  2015. Band IV, Fragmente zur Ausdruckskunde  2001. Band VII. Tagebuch der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Bibliothek

Aby Warburg Gesammelte Schriften

This series, devoted to Aby Warburg’s written output preserved in the Institute Archive, is published by De Gruyter for … 

1991. Philosophical Fictions and the French Renaissance  1992. A Renaissance Cardinal and his Worldly Goods: The Will and Inventory of Francesco Gonzaga (1444-83)  1993. Glosses and Commentaries on Aristotelian Logical Texts: The Syriac, Arabic and Medieval Latin Traditions

Warburg Institute Surveys and Texts

This series includes the Codices Boethiani volumes and the influential study by David S. Chambers, A Renaissance Cardinal and …

Erasmian Wit and Proverbial Wisdom: An Illustrated Moral Compendium for François I    2012. Medieval Arabic Thought: Essays in Honour of Fritz Zimmermann

Studies of the Warburg Institute

A forerunner to Warburg Institute Studies and Texts, this series was initiated in 1936, soon after the arrival in London of the …


Miscellaneous publications

In addition to books bearing its various series titles, from time to time the Warburg Institute issues miscellaneous publications, either under its own imprint or through collaboration with external publishers. …

1922-23. Vorträge der Bibliothek Warburg  1927. Pseudo-Antike Literatur des Mittelalters  1936. Dekane und Dekansternbilder : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Sternbilder der Kulturvölker

Digitised Warburg publications

A small number of Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg and older Warburg Institute titles is available in digital form. We intend to digitise more books in future (probably through an external partnership).