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Warburg Institute


The essays collected in this volume publish the proceedings of a colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in January 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ernst Kitzinger. His work has been, and still is, fundamentally influential on the present-day discipline of art history in a wide range of topics. The first half of the book is primarily biographical, with papers covering his extraordinary career, which began in Germany, Italy and England in the tumultuous years preceding World War II, before leading to internment in Australia and, eventually, to America. The second half of the book is devoted to assessments of Kitzinger’s scholarship, including his concern with the theory of style, with the early medieval art of Britain and continental Europe, with the art of Norman Sicily and with the sources and impact of iconoclasm.

Table of contents

Preface (pp. ix–x)

Introduction (pp. xi–xiv)

Foreword: Some Personal Memories of Ernst Kitzinger (pp. xv–xx)
              by Hans Belting

I.  Biography

A Scholar in his Study: Memories of Ernst Kitzinger at Work (pp. 3–13)
          by Rachel Kitzinger

Ernst in England (pp. 14–37)
          by John Mitchell

From London to the Antipodes: The Peregrinations of Ernst Kitzinger, and the Age of ‘Transformation’ (pp. 39–66)
          by Felicity Harley-McGowan

‘Cordially, E.K.’: Ernst Kitzinger and Teaching at Dumbarton Oaks (pp. 67–90)
          by Rebecca Corrie

Ernst Kitzinger’s Teaching at Harvard: A Style of Teaching, Teaching Style (pp. 91–101)
          by Eunice Dauterman Maguire

II. Methods of Scholarship

Ernst Kitzinger and Style (pp. 105–111)
          by Henry Maguire

Ernst Kitzinger’s Contribution to Scholarship on the Art of Western Europe (pp. 113–125)
          by Lawrence Nees

Ernst Kitzinger’s Contribution to the Study of Norman Mosaics in Sicily (pp. 127–142)
          by Beat Brenk

Ernst Kitzinger and the Invention of Byzantine Iconoclasm (pp. 143–152
          by Leslie Brubaker

Appendix. A Memo written by Ernst Kitzinger in June 1941, on his way from Australia to England on board the ‘Themistocles’
              transcribed by Tony Kitzinger

Index of Names