JWCI, Volume LXXXII (2019)

edited by Rembrandt Duits, Jill Kraye, Guido Rebecchini and Paul Taylor 

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Table of Contents

The Two Tombs of Philip the Bold
by Susie Nash (Courtauld Institute of Art)

The Return of the Giants: Reflections on Technical Mastery and Moral Jeopardy in Alberti’s Letter to Brunelleschi
by Caspar Pearson (University of Essex)

The Liber pontificalis in the Renaissance
by Stefan Bauer (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Conrad Peutinger’s Treatise on Greek Art
by William A. Theiss (Princeton University)

Drawing on the Past: Palladio, his Precursors and Knowledge of Ancient Architecture c. 1550
by David Hemsoll (University of Birmingham Barber Institute of Fine Arts)

Vasari in Renaissance Straßburg
by Elizabeth Petcu (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture)

Claude-Etienne Savary: Orientalism and Fraudulence in Late Eighteenth-Century France
by Alastair Hamilton (Warburg Institute)

Aenigma omnibus? The Transatlantic Late Humanism of Zinzendorf and the Early Moravians
by Thomas J. Keeline (Washington University in St Louis) and Stuart M. McManus (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Listings of manuscripts, documentary sources and early printed books will be provided for contributions which discuss them.