JWCI, Volume LXXXIII (2020)

edited by Rembrandt Duits, Jill Kraye, Guido Rebecchini and Paul Taylor 

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We expect that this volume will include the following contributions

A Greek Alchemical Epigram in Its Middle Byzantine Context
by Alexandre M. Roberts

Fifteenth-Century Sienese Copybooks and the Origins of Francesco di Giorgio’s Codicetto
by Elizabeth Merrill

Ghirlandaio Brothers Reconsidered: The Master of the Saint Louis Madonna as Young Benedetto Ghirlandaio
by Takuma Ito

Guidebooks, Museum Catalogues and the Growth of Public Interest in Painting in Italy, Germany and France
by Charles Hope

Matteo Geronimo Mazza: A Rediscovered Sylloge by a Renaissance Antiquarian and Collector
by Bianca De Divitiis

Eugenio Cajés’s Meeting at the Golden Gate: Purity and Procreation in Seventeenth-Century Madrid
by Cloe Cavero de Carondelet

Aesthetic Experience, Investigation and Classic Ground: Responses to Etna from the First Century CE to 1773
by Dawn Hollis


The Editions of Gabriele di Zerbi’s De cautelis medicorum and their Influence
by Richard Tait

Correggio, the Humanists, and the Homeric nepenthes
by Claudio Franzoni

Rubens, Snijders and the Emperor’s Mullet
by Elizabeth McGrath