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Warburg Institute


In 2008-2009 a group of Arnaldo Momigliano’s disciples met at the Warburg Institute to celebrate the centenary of his birth and to recall the great series of seminars held by him from 1967 to 1983: the aim was to explore the significance of his legacy some twenty years after his death, in all the various areas where he made a major contribution. His seminars had opened the eyes of the participants to the meaning of historical research in their different fields, from ancient Jewish, Greek and Roman history and late antiquity to the study of the historiography especially of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The contributors to this volume have all asked how far his influence still determines the future of our various special areas. By doing this in a critical rather than a laudatory way, they hope to have provided some sort of map of the sources and the current state of classical history at the beginning of the twenty-first century.



Momigliano and the Medieval Boundary
Carlotta Dionisotti (King’s College London)

Between Hellenism and the Roman Empire
Guido Clemente (Università di Firenze)

Momigliano and the Problems of History
Oswyn Murray (Balliol College, Oxford)

Arnaldo Momigliano and the Tradition of Ecclesiastical History
Anthony Grafton (Princeton University)

‘Even a dog in Babylon is free'
Amélie Kuhrt (University College London)

Momigliano and Judaism
Tessa Rajak (Reading University)

Momigliano and Christianity
Averil Cameron (Keble College, Oxford)

Pagans, Jews and Christians in the Thinking of Arnaldo Momigliano
J. A. North (University College London)

Momigliano and the Historia Augusta
Alan Cameron (Columbia University)

The Final Contributo
Riccardo Di Donato (Università di Pisa)

Momigliano and Biography
Tim Cornell (Manchester University)