Reviews and Table of Contents, Colloquia 26

Warburg Institute, Colloquia, vol. 26, The Muses and their Afterlife in Post-Classical Europe, ed. Kathleen W. Christian, Clare E. L. Guest and Claudia Wedepohl (2014)

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Reviews and mentions

Renaissance Quarterly, vol. 68, no. 3, Fall 2015, pp. 981–983, review by Carmel McCallum-Barry

BBC Radio 4, In Our Time, 19 May 2016 (reading list)

Table of Contents

The Muses in the Platonic Academy (pp. 1–11)
      John Dillon

The Muses in Antiquity (pp. 13–32)
      Penelope Murray

The Temporality of the Muses: A Reading of the Sister Goddesses in Late Antique Latin Literature (pp. 33–58)
      Karin Schlapbach

The Muses and Medieval Latin Poets (pp. 59–74)
      Peter Dronke

The Muses’ Grief. Jacopo de’ Barbari on Painting, Poetry and Cultural Transfer in the North (pp. 75–101)
      Ulrich Pfisterer

The Multiplicity of the Muses: The Reception of Antique Images of the Muses in Italy, 1400–1600 (pp. 103–153)
      Kathleen W. Christian

The Muses and Musical Inspiration in Early Modern France: The Case of Pontus de Tyard and Mersenne (pp. 155–168)
      Brigitte Van Wymeersch

Poetic Frenzy and the Afterlife of the Muses in Ficino’s In Platonis Ionem and Bruno’s De gli heroici furore (pp. 169–189)
      Jan Söffner

The Growth of the Pygmy Muses: the Muses in Italian Sixteenth-Century Poetics (pp. 191–209)
      Clare E. L. Guest

Mnemosyne, the Muses and Apollo: Mythology as Epistemology in Aby Warburg’s Bilderatlas (pp. 211–270)
      Claudia Wedepohl