Reviews and Table of Contents, Colloquia 27

Warburg Institute Colloquia, vol. 27, The Cosmography of Paradise: The Other World from Ancient Mesopotamia to Medieval Europe, ed. Alessandro Scafi (2016)  

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Table of Contents

Introduction (pp. 1–7)
     Alessandro Scafi

The Birth of Paradise: To Early Christianity, via Greece, Persia and Israel (pp. 9–30)
     Jan N. Bremmer

Sumerian Paradise Lost (pp. 31–37)
     Markham J. Geller

Around, Inside and Beyond the Walls: Names, Ideas and Images of Paradise in Pre-Islamic Iran (pp. 39–66)
     Antonio C. D. Panaino

Enoch, Eden, and the Beginnings of Jewish Cosmography (pp. 67–94)
     Annette Yoshiko Reed

Gnostic Paradises (pp. 95–107)
     Einar Thomassen

Diabolizing the Garden of Eden: Re-Interpretations of Jewish Pseudepigraphy in Medieval Christian Dualism (pp. 109–125)
     Yuri Stoyanov

Seeking Paradise in the Egyptian Desert (pp. 127–135)
     Dimitris J. Kyrtatas

Gazing at the Holy Mountain: Images of Paradise in Syriac Christian Tradition (pp. 137–162)
     Sergey Minov

Food and the Senses, and One Very Special Taste of Paradise (pp. 163–181)
     Danuta Shanzer

‘The Heavens Declare the Glory of God’: Mapping Cosmos and Activating Heaven through Holy Icons (pp. 183–200)
     Veronica Della Dora

Paradise in Western Medieval Tradition (pp. 201–210)
     Rudolf Simek

Paradise in the Islamic Religious Imagination (pp. 211–226)
     Christian Lange

In Medieval Islamic Cosmography, where is Paradise? (pp. 227–243)
     Emilie Savage-Smith

Valhalla and Heaven: Scandinavian Images of Paradise in a Period of Religious Change (pp. 245–266)
     Anders Hultgård

Colour plates (pp. 269–284)

Index of Names (pp. 285–295)