Reviews and Table of Contents, Colloquia 29

Warburg Institute Colloquia, vol. 29, Vernacular Aristotelianism in Italy from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century, ed. Luca Bianchi, Simon Gilson and Jill Kraye (2017)  

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Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, tome LXXIX, 2017, review by Susanna Gambino Longo, pp. 451–456

Modern Language Review, vol. 113, part 2, Apr. 2018, review by Marta Celati, pp. 413–414

Scriptorium / Bulletin Codicologique, 2017, no. 1, review by M. Brinzei, pp. 99–100

Renaissance Quarterly, vol. LXXI.1 (Spring 2018), review by Laura Refe, pp. 219-220


Table of Contents

Preface (pp. ix–x)

Introduction (pp. 1–5)
     Luca Bianchi, Simon Gilson and Jill Kraye

Giles of Rome’s De regimine principum and the Vernacular Translations: The Reception of the Aristotelian Tradition and the Problem of Courtesy (pp. 7–29)
     Fiammetta Papi

Uses of Latin Sources in Renaissance Vernacularization of Aristotle: The Case of Galeazzo Florimonte, Francesco Venier and Francesco Pona (pp. 31–55)
     Luca Bianchi

Alessandro Piccolomini’s Mission: Philosophy for Men and Women in their Mother Tongue (pp. 57–73)
     Letizia Panizza

Francesco Robortello on Popularizing Knowledge (75–92)
     Marco Sgarbi

Aristotelian Commentaries and the Dialogue Form in Cinquecento Italy (pp. 93–107)
     Eugenio Refini

Aristotle’s Politics in the Dialogi della morale filosofia of Antonio Brucioli (pp. 109–122)
     Grace Allen

‘The best works of Aristotle’: Antonio Brucioli as a Translator of Natural Philosophy (pp. 123–138)
     Eva Del Soldato

Vernacular Meteorology and the Antiquity of the Earth in Medieval and Renaissance Italy (pp. 139–159)
     Ivano Dal Prete

Vernacularizing Meteorology: Benedetto Varchi’s Comento sopra il primo libro delle Meteore d’Aristotile (pp. 161–181)
     Simon Gilson

Bartolomeo Beverini (1629–1686) e una versione inedita della Metafisica di Aristotele (pp. 183–208)
     Corinna Onelli

Index of Manuscripts and Incunables (p. 209)

Index of Names (pp. 210–216)