Warburg Institute Colloquia, vol. 31

Philosophy and Medicine in the Formative Period of Islam

Peter Adamson and Peter E. Pormann

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 Isis, vol. 110, March 2019, pp. 157–158, review by Sajjad Rizvi


Table of Contents

Introduction (pp. 1–9)
    by Peter Adamson (Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität München) and Peter E. Pormann (University of Manchester)

Philosophical Topics in Medieval Arabic Medical Discourse: Problems and Prospects (pp. 10–33)
    by Peter E. Pormann

Hippocrates of Cos in Arabic Gnomologia (pp. 34–47)
    by Oliver Overwien (Humboldt Universität Berlin, Institut für Klassische Philologie)

Length and Shortness of Life Between Philosophy and Medicine: The Arabic Aristotle and his Medical Readers (pp. 48–74)
    by Rotraud Hansberger (LMU München)

Al-Ǧāḥiẓ, Falsafa and the Arabic Hippocrates (pp. 75–103).
   by James Montgomery (University of Cambridge, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)

Early Kalām and the Medical Tradition (pp. 104–169)
   by Gregor Schwarb (London)

Abū Bakr al-Rāzī on Vision (pp. 170–189).
    by Pauline Koetschet (CNRS, Aix Marseille Université)

The Consolations of Philosophy: Abū Zayd al-Balḫī and Abū Bakr al-Rāzī on Sorrow and Anger (pp. 190–205)
    by Peter Adamson and Hans Hinrich Biesterfeldt (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum)

Beyond the Disciplines of Medicine and Philosophy: Greek and Arabic Thinkers on the Nature of Plant Life (pp. 206–217)
    by Aileen Das (University of Michigan, Department of Classical Studies)

Al-Ṭabarī and al-Ṭabarī: Compendia between Medicine and Philosophy (pp. 218–254)
    by Elvira Wakelnig (Institut für Orientalistik, Vienna)

Cosmic, Corporeal and Civil Regencies: al-Fārābī’s anti-Galenic Defence of Hierarchical Cardiocentrism (pp. 255–268)
    by Badr el-Fekkak (Toronto)

The Small Canon of Medicine (al-Qānūn al-ṣaġīr fī l-ṭibb) Ascribed to Avicenna (pp. 269–280)
    by Raphaela Veit (University of Cologne, Thomas-Institut/DARE)

ʿAlī ibn Riḍwān on the Philosophical Distinction of Medicine (pp. 281–294).
    by Hans Hinrich Biesterfeldt Index (pp. 295–308)