Warburg Institute Colloquia, vol. 33

The Marriage of Philology and Scepticism:
Uncertainty and Conjecture in Early Modern Scholarship and Thought

edited by Gian Mario Cao, Anthony Grafton and Jill Kraye

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Table of Contents


Sextus Empiricus, Child of the Marriage of Philology and Scepticisms
     by Glen Most

Medieval Precedents for Sceptical Philology
     by Jan M. Ziolkowski

The Other Philology: Resolving Doubts about Textual Meaning in Early Modern Law and Theology
     by Ian Maclean

Divination: Towards the History of a Philological Term
     by Anthony Grafton

Coping with Philological Doubt: Sixteenth-Century Approaches to the Text of Seneca
     by Jill Kraye

Critical Method in Lambinus’s Lucretius: Collation and Interpolation
     by David Butterfield

Philology and Scepticism: Early Modern Scholars at Work on the Text of the Bible
     by Scott Mandelbrote

Freethinking, New Testament Textual Criticism and Censorship: Anthony Collins, Richard Bentley and the Index librorum prohibitorum
     by Gian Mario Cao