The principal published outcome of the Scaliger Project is, of course, the edition which was its overall objective. Basic publication details are given here; further information may be found on the Scaliger Correspondence Project website. Other project outcomes included the books, articles, chapters and compendium entries by the edition editors, Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert.

The Correspondence of Joseph Justus Scaliger

edited by Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert
supervisory editors, Anthony Grafton, Henk Jan de Jonge and Jill Kraye
8 volumes, Geneva 2012 (Librairie Droz, Travaux d'humanisme et Renaissance, 0082-6081, no. 507, 1-8)

Vol. 1, April 1561 to December 1586 / Vol. 2, January 1587 to December 1596
Vol. 3, January 1597 to June 1601 / Vol. 4, July 1601 to March 1603 
Vol. 5, April 1603 to April 1605 / Vol. 6, May 1605 to December 1606
Vol. 7, January 1607 to February 1609 / Vol. 8, Appendices, biographical register, index 


Other Scaliger Project Publications

Books devoted to two of Scaliger’s correspondents

  • The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon, 1610-1614, ed. Paul Botley and Máté Vince, 4 vols, Geneva (Droz), forthcoming 2018. This edition of Casaubon’s correspondence from his final years in London contains 731 letters in total. Nearly half of the material is published here for the first time. The project has been supported by a three-year grant from the Leverhulme Trust. For details, see the project website:
    – University of Warwick: The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon, 1610-1614
  • Paul Botley, Richard ‘Dutch’ Thomson (c. 1568-1613): The Life and Letters of a Renaissance Scholar. Leiden and Boston (Brill) 2016. A description of this volume is provided on the EMLO website:
    – EMLO: The Correspondence of Richard Thomson (78 letters) 

Articles in refereed journals

  • Paul Botley, ‘Three Very Different Translators: Joseph Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon and Richard Thomson’, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, 41/4, 2014, pp. 477-491.
  • Paul Botley, ‘An Unpublished Greek Letter of Julius Caesar Scaliger to Gérard-Marie Imbert’. Lias, 40, 2013, pp. 1-11.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Joseph Scaliger, Claude Saumaise, Isaac Casaubon and the discovery of the Palatine Anthology (1606)’, Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 74, 2011, pp. 241-261.
  • Dirk van Miert and C. L. Heesakkers, ‘An Inventory of the Correspondence of Hadrianus Junius (1511-1575)’, Lias. Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and its Sources, 37/2, 2010, pp. 108-268.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Scaliger Scatologus. Rhetorical Roots of Obscene and Abusive Language in the Letters of Joseph Scaliger’, Studies in Early Modern France, 14, 2010, pp. 17-31.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Language and Communication in the Republic of Letters: The Uses of Latin and French in the Correspondence of Joseph Scaliger’, Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, 72, 2010, pp. 7-34.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘José Justo Escalígero: los contactos católicos de un erudito calvinista’, Revista de Historiografía, 11, VI/2, 2009, pp. 87-93.

Book chapters

  • Dirk van Miert, ‘The Janus-Face of Scaliger’s Philological Heritage: The Biblical Annotations of Heinsius and Grotius’, in: Scriptural Authority and Biblical Criticism in the Dutch Golden Age: God’s Word Questioned, ed. Dirk van Miert et al., Oxford (Oxford University Press) 2017, 91-108.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Confidentiality and Publicity in Early Modern Epistolography: Scaliger and Casaubon’, in: For the Sake of Learning. Essays in Honor of Anthony Grafton, ed. Ann Blair and Anja Silvia Goeing, Leiden and Boston (Brill) 2016, pp. 3-16.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Vertrouwelijkheid en indiscretie in de correspondentie van Joseph Scaliger rond 1600’, in: In vriendschap en vertrouwen. Cultuurhistorische essays over confidentialiteit, ed. Jos Gabriëls et al., Hilversum (Verloren) 2014, pp. 199-210.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Philology and Empiricism: Observation and Description in the Correspondence of Joseph Scaliger’, in: Communicating Observations in Early Modern Letters (1500-1675). Epistolography and Epistemology in the Age of the Scientific Revolution, ed. Dirk van Miert, London (Warburg Institute) 2013, pp. 89-113.
  • Paul Botley, ‘Greek Epistolography in Fifteenth Century Italy’, in Greek into Latin: From Antiquity until the Nineteenth Century, ed. John Glucker and Charles Burnett, London (Warburg Institute) 2012, pp. 187-205.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘The French Connection: from Isaac Casaubon to Isaac Vossius, via Scaliger and Salmasius’, in: Isaac Vossius (1618-1689) Between Science and Scholarship, ed. Eric Jorink and Dirk van Miert, Leiden and Boston (Brill) 2012, pp. 15-42.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Project Procopius: Vulcanius, Scaliger, Hoeschelius and the Pursuit of Early Byzantine History’, in: Bonaventura Vulcanius: Brugge 1538- Leiden 1614, ed. H. Cazes, Leiden (Brill) 2010, pp. 361-386.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘The Limits of Transconfessional Contact in the Republic of Letters: Joseph Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon and their Catholic Correspondents’, in: Between Scylla and Charybdis. Learned Letter Writers Navigating the Reefs of Religious and Political Controversy in Early Modern Europe, ed. Jeanine De Landtsheer and Henk Nellen, Leiden (Brill) 2010, pp. 367-408.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Een profielschets van een scherp geleerde: Scaliger in zijn brieven’, in: Adelaar in de wolken. De Leidse jaren van Josephus Justus Scaliger 1593-1609, ed. P.G. Hoftijzer, Leiden (Kleine publicaties van de Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden, no. 69) 2005, pp. 101-124.

Entries in Companions, Guides, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Isaac Casaubon’, entry for The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine, ed. K. Pollmann, W. Otten et al., vol. 2, Oxford (Oxford University Press) 2013, pp. 278-279.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Josephus Justus Scaliger’, entry for The Oxford Guide (as above), pp. 1204-1205.
  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Letters and Epistolography’, in: The Classical Tradition, ed. Anthony Grafton, Glenn Most and Salvatore Settis, Cambridge, MA (Harvard University Press) 2010, pp. 520-523.

Article in a popularising journal

  • Dirk van Miert, ‘Brahe’s catalogue of stars’, in: Omslag. Bulletin van de Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden en het Scaliger Instituut, 2009, no. 3 (November), pp. 1-3.