Publications (date of last update: 16 April 2018)

Publications (date of last update: 16 April 2018)

• De Beukelaer, S, Azevedo, R. T., and Tsakiris, M. (in press). ‘Relating movements in aesthetic spaces: Immersing, Distancing and Remembering’. To appear in: Christensen, J., and Gomila, T. (eds), The Arts and the Brain: Psychology and Physiology beyond Pleasure (Progress in Brain Research).

• Azevedo, R. T., Badoud, D., and Tsakiris, M. (2017). ‘Cardiac afferent activity modulates the expression of racial stereotype’, Nature Communications, 8, 13854  

• Azevedo, R. T., and Tsakiris, M. (2017). ‘Art reception as an interoceptive embodied predictive experience’, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, e350

• Badoud, D., and Tsakiris, M. (2017). ‘From the body’s viscera to the body’s image: Is there a link between interoception and body image concerns?’, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 77, 237–246

• Christensen, J., Giglioni, G., and Tsakiris, M. (2017). ‘“Let the soul dangle”’: how mind-wandering spurs creativity. Aeon, 5 December 2017


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