Fellowship Application Instructions

To apply for a fellowship please send the following documents as one single PDF to Warburg@sas.ac.uk by the deadline. Deadline TBC.

1. Research proposal to include the following:

  • Research project title
  • Research project abstract (max 150 words)
  • A detailed description of your research project (no more than 800 words) which should also include:
    - Details of the outputs you intend to complete,
    - A brief timetable for your research work to demonstrate feasibility of completing your work within the period of the Fellowship,
    - Your reasons for needing to carry out your research at the Warburg and
    - Examples of the resources you will use (human and material) and a description of the contribution you will make to the intellectual life of the Institute.

2. CV (no more than 3 x A4 pages or 8.5 x 11 pages, 11 point type).
Your CV should be no longer than 3 x A4 pages and should give full details of name, address (including e-mail address), present occupation, school and university education, degrees, teaching and research experience, and publications. Please ensure that you include the start and end dates for all positions/scholarships/study periods/funding etc held.

3. Writing sample
The writing sample should be 1,000 words maximum and be a short introduction, part of an article or chapter or similar written preferably in English (but a writing sample in French, Italian, Spanish or German will also be acceptable). 

4. One reference

Please provide one reference in support of your application.

We prefer to receive references in English but if necessary will accept references in French, Italian, Spanish or German. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ask his/her referee to supply a letter of reference, and it is strongly advised that referees are contacted well in advance of the application deadline. We will not contact referees on your behalf. References must be emailed by your referees as Word or PDF document attachments (on headed paper, signed and scanned) direct to warburg@sas.ac.uk with the email subject ‘Reference for’ and the applicant’s full name. The deadline for references to be received at warburg@sas.ac.uk is by midnight (GMT) on date TBC.

Selection procedure

The Selection committee will assess the quality of applications with reference to the following criteria:  

  • The academic record of the candidate as exhibited by the CV and references;  
  • The originality and significance of the proposed research to the applicant’s field;  
  • How well the candidate’s research complements the Warburg’s resources and areas of expertise of its staff
  • How active the candidate is as a scholar and his or her expected contribution to the intellectual life of the Warburg Institute. 

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

You can save a Word document as a PDF by clicking ‘File’, ‘Save as’, then select the location you want to save the document on your computer and name it. Before clicking save please select the PDF option from the ‘save as type’ dropdown box.

Alternatively, you can turn a Word document into a PDF here.