Visiting Fellows

Individuals selected for the conferral of the title of Visiting Fellow at the Warburg Institute will be academic researchers and scholars who may or may not be affiliated to a university or similar centre of Higher Education. 

The purpose of the Visiting Fellowship scheme is to enable external scholars, who intend to visit the Institute and use its Collections to further their research, to benefit from a clear relationship with the Institute and to contribute to the academic and intellectual life of the Warburg.

Visiting Fellows will normally hold a PhD qualification and will be active scholars publishing in a field of intellectual endeavour associated with the work and intellectual resources of the Warburg Institute.  Fellows in this category are expected to be physically based at the Institute for the majority of their time for a specific fixed period (up to a maximum of two years). Normally they would be expected to spend a minimum of six months at the Institute, the majority of which should be during term-time. As well as making full use of the Warburg’s intellectual resources Fellows will be expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the Institute in a measureable way. They will be asked to present a brief paper (20 minutes) on their research to Warburg staff, students and Fellows during the tea time talks’ series (Mondays at 16.15 during term-time).  This talk will take place near the beginning of the Fellow’s visit to the Warburg to enable members of the Institute to find out about their work and to give them support and assistance where they can.

Visiting Fellows may be in receipt of a stipendiary Fellowship (provided by an external organisation). No funding can be provided by the Warburg Institute. Depending on the space available at the time of their stay at the Warburg Visting Fellows may be provided with desk space at the Institute (please note that computing and IT equipment cannot be provided).

Candidates may be nominated for the award of the title of Visiting Fellow of the Warburg Institute at any time by a member of the academic staff of the Institute or they may submit an application for the award.  Candidates are asked to complete an application form (click here to download form) and to send this as a single document attached to an email to Applications will be considered on the basis of the relevance of the Warburg’s collections to the research of the applicant and to the contribution he or she will make to the intellectual life of the Institute.

Applications will be considered by a panel comprising the Director of the Institute and two other members of the academic staff of the Institute selected by the Director on the basis of their familiarity with the academic field in which the candidate demonstrates expertise. The panel will make recommendations on the proposed conferral of the title of Visiting Fellow to a meeting of the academic staff of the Institute. Appointments will be made for a fixed term which will be variable and which will not extend beyond two years. Appointments are not normally renewable.

If you wish to apply for a Visiting Fellowship please email your application form to Please note that the application process is likely to take a few weeks (as academic staff meetings take place once a month) and candidates should apply at least three months before the beginning of their proposed visit to the Institute.

Please note that only a limited number of Visiting Fellows can be accepted each year. However visiting researchers, who spend time at the Warburg as Library Readers and using the Institute’s other collections, can also join in the intellectual life of the Warburg by attending conferences, lectures and seminars, and by meeting the Institute’s academics, Fellows and students, for example over lunch on Wednesdays and at teatime in the Common Room during term-time.