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History of the Church

The Ecole initiative
An hypertext encyclopedia of the early history of the Church  

Documents for the Study of the History of the Church
Collections of documents on the medieval and the early South American Church compiled by Fernando Gil - Universidad Católica Argentin

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar


Online Libraries:

Early Church Fathers
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Free access to hundreds of etexts from the Bible to Billy Graham.


Electronic Bibles:

The ARTFL multilingual Bibles project of the University of Chicago offers the following online Bibles:

Gutenberg Bible
King James
Luther German
Louis Segond French
Latin Vulgate

Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek online Bibles searchable editions

La Bible de Jerusalem
La Traduction œcuménique de la Bible
La Bible greque des Septante



Hagiography Society Links page

A panorama of Medieval Hagiography online (from Menestrel)

Alphabetical list of Saints and Angels (from

Hagiography Database from Dumbarton Oaks (saints of the 8th-10th centuries)

The Golden Legend (Aurea Legenda)  Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, 1275, Englished by William Caxton, 1483 (from the Medieval Source book)


Early Christianity 

Early Church Fathers
Augustine, Works (from
Dionysius, Pseudo-Aeropagite


Anselm of Canterbury (d.1109)
Complete philosophical and theological treatises, translated by Jasper Hopkins
Downloadable in PDF format


Thomas Aquinas (1225?– 1274)

  • A full edition of the complete works of St. Thomas according, where possible, to the best critical texts.
  • A bibliography covering all the studies on Aquinas and his doctrine, from the 13th century through our days.
  • An index of the main tools of Thomistic research, and the edition of the most important among them.
  • A database management system, implemented to search, compare, and sort words, phrases, quotations, similitudes, correlations, and statistical information.
  • A digital edition of the main manuscripts of Aquinas' works.

Robert Grosseteste
From the electronic Grosseteste

Suso, Heinrich (c. 1296– 1366)

Tauler, Johannes


Links, bibliography and online texts at the Franciscan archive.
A Catalogue of Franciscan Authors (13th-18th century) (in progress)


Julian of Norwich (c. 1342– c. 1413)

Ruysbroeck, John of, St. (1293– 1381)

Suso, Heinrich (c. 1296– 1366)

Tauler, Johannes

Thomas à Kempis (c. 1380– 1471)

Meister Eckhart (German & Latin)

John of the Cross

Teresa of Avila

15th Century

Cardinal Cajetan, De nominum analogia (Latin text)



Home page of the Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte

Luther, Martin (1483– 1546), Selected works.

Calvin, Jean, Commentaries
Complete, from the Calvin Translation Society ed.

Hooker, Richard (c. 1554)

Counter Reformation

Francis of Sales, St. (1567– 1622)


Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises, tr. E. Mullan S. J.

Jesuit resources on the Worl Wide Web
Includes a page of links to sites related to the history of the order (including links to texts) and to the Jesuit contribution to science and technology.