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(Date of last publications update: 19 May 2018)

Monograph and edited volume

In preparation: Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, A Cultural History of Astrolabes among Jews: Texts and Instruments.

Astrolabes in Medieval Cultures, ed. J. Rodríguez-Arribas, Charles Burnett and Silke Ackermann

Articles and chapters

Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, ‘Medical and Astrological Plates: Their Roles in Medieval and Renaissance Knowledge’, in Heaven and Earth United: Instruments in Astrological Contexts, ed. Richard Dunn, Silke Ackermann and Giorgio Strano (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2018) (forthcoming).

Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, ‘A Treatise on the Construction of Astrolabes by Jacob ben Abi Abraham Isaac Al-Corsuno (Barcelona, 1378): Edition, Translation and Commentary’, Journal for the History of Astronomy, 48.1 (2018), pp. 27-82

Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, ‘The Astrolabe Finger Ring of Bonetus de Latis: Study, Latin text, and English Translation with Commentary’, in Astrolabes in Medieval Cultures, 2017 (listed above), pp. 45-105

Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, ‘Reading Astrolabes in Medieval Hebrew’, in Language as a Scientific Tool: Shaping Scientific Language Across Time and National Traditions, ed. J. Feichtinger, M. MacLeod et al. (New York and London: Routledge, 2016), pp. 89-112

Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas, ‘Medieval Jews and Medieval Astrolabes: Where, Why, How, and What for?’, in Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in Jewish Tradition, ed. Sacha Stern (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2014), pp. 221-272