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Encounters with the Orient in Early Modern European Scholarship (EOS)

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Publications (date of last update: 2 May 2018): 

Monographs and edited volumes

  • Theodor Bibliander’s ‘Apologia pro editione Alcorani’ (1543) [provisional title], transl. Charles Burnett, introduction and annotation Jan Loop (forthcoming)
  • Hiob Ludolf and Johann Michael Wansleben. Oriental Studies, Politics, and History between Gotha and Africa 1650-1700, ed. Asaph Ben-Tov, Jan Loop and Martin Mulsow (forthcoming, Leiden: Brill, 2018)
  • The Qur’an in Europe, ed. Jan Loop, special issue of Journal of Qur’anic Studies (forthcoming, 2018) 
  • Alastair Hamilton, Johann Michael Wansleben’s Travels in the Levant 1671-1674. An Annotated Edition of His Italian Report, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2018
  • The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in Early Modern Europe, proceedings of the international symposium in Leiden, 16 April 2013, ed. Jan Loop, Alastair Hamilton and Charles Burnett (Leiden: Brill, 2017)
  • Ex Oriente lux: Translating Words, Scripts and Styles in Medieval Mediterranean Society, ed. Charles Burnett and Pedro Mantas-España (Córdoba: UCOPress /Arabica Veritas, for CNERU and CHASE, 2016)
  • From Māshāʼ Allah to Kepler: Theory and Practice in Medieval and Renaissance Astrology, ed. Charles Burnett and Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum (Ceredigion, Wales: Sophia Centre Press, 2015)
  • Mapping Knowledge: Cross-Pollination in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Córdoba: UCOPress / Arabica Veritas, for CNERU and CHASE, 2014)
  • Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition, ed. Sacha Stern and Charles Burnett (Leiden: Brill, 2014)
  • Jan Loop, Johann Heinrich Hottinger. Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Seventeenth Century (Oxford: OUP, 2013)
  • Rashīd al-Dīn. Agent and Mediator of Cultural Exchanges in Ilkhanid Iran, ed. Anna Akasoy, Charles Burnett and Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (London: Aragno Editore / Warburg Institute Colloquia, 2013)
  • Medieval Arabic Thought: Essays in Honour of Fritz Zimmermann, ed. Rotraud Hansberger, M. Afifi al-Akiti and Charles Burnett (London: Warburg Institute Studies and Texts, 2012)
  • Alastair Hamilton, Bridge of Knowledge: Western Appreciation of Arab and Islamic Civilization in the Arcadian Library, London: The Arcadian Library 2011 (= The Arcadian Library: Western Appreciation of Arab and Islamic Civilization, London: The Arcadian Library / Oxford University Press, 2011)
  • Between Orient and Occident: Transformation of Knowledge, ed. Benno van Dalen and Charles Burnett, special issue of Annals of Science, vol. 68, 4 (Abingdon: Taylor and Francis, 2011)

Articles and chapters

  • Jan Loop, ‘Language of Paradise: Protestant Oriental Scholarship and the Discovery of Arabic Poetry’ in Faith and History: Confessionalisation and Erudition in Early Modern Europe, ed. Nick Hardy and Dmitri Levitin (forthcoming British Academy, Proceedings of the British Academy series)
  • Jan Loop, ‘The Qur’an in the Enlightenment’ in Journal of Qur’anic Studies (2018), together with Alexander Bevilacqua (forthcoming)
  • Alastair Hamilton, “François Savary de Brèves”, in Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History, vol. 9, Western and Southern Europe (1600-1700), ed. David Thomas and John Chesworth, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2017, pp. 415-22
  • Alastair Hamilton, “André Du Ryer”, in Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History, vol. 9 (as above), pp. 453-65
  • Alastair Hamilton, “The Qur’an as Chrestomathy in Early Modern Europe” in The Teaching and Learning of Arabic in Early Modern Europe, ed. Jan Loop, Alastair Hamilton and Charles Burnett, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2017, pp. 213-29
  • Jan Loop, ‘Johann Heinrich Hottinger’ in Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, vol. 9 (Leiden, 2017)
  • Jan Loop, ‘Arabic Poetry as Teaching Material in Early Modern Grammars and Textbooks’, in The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in Early Modern Europe, 2017 (listed above), pp. 230–251
  • Jan Loop, ‘Introduction. The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in Early Modern Europe’, in The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in Early Modern Europe, 2017 (listed above), pp. 1–12
  • Alastair Hamilton, “The Study of Tongues: The Semitic Languages and the Bible in the Renaissance” in The New Cambridge History of the Bible, vol. 3, From 1450 to 1750, ed. Euan Cameron, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp. 17-36
  • Alastair Hamilton, “In Search of the Most Perfect Text: The Early Modern Printed Polyglot Bibles from Alcalá (1510-1520) to Brian Walton (1654-1658)” in The New Cambridge History of the Bible, vol. 3 (as above), pp. 138-56
  • Alastair Hamilton, “William Bedwell”, in Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History, vol. 8, Northern and Eastern Europe (1600-1700), ed. David Thomas and John Chesworth, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016, pp. 53-62
  • Alastair Hamilton, “Lutheran Islamophiles in Eighteenth-Century Germany’ in For the Sake of Learning. Essays in Honor of Anthony Grafton, ed. Anne Blair and Anja-Silvia Goeing, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016, vol. 1, pp. 327-43
  • Jan Loop, ‘Hiob Ludolf et le débat sur les chrétiens circoncis’, in Dix-septième siècle, 268 (2015), pp. 481-494
  • Charles Burnett, ‘A Mid-Seventeenth-Century View of the History of Arabic Scholarship in England: Gerard Langbaine’s Notes Under the Ascending Node’, in Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa, 51 (2015), pp. 585-605
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  • Charles Burnett, ‘Revisiting the 1552–1550 and 1562 Aristotle-Averroes Edition’, in Renaissance Averroism and Its Aftermath: Arabic Philosophy in Early Modern Europe, ed. A. Akasoy and G. Giglioni (Berlin, 2012)
  • Jan Loop, ‘Die Bedeutung arabischer Manuskripte in den konfessionellen Auseinandersetzungen des 17. Jahrhunderts: John Selden, Johann Heinrich Hottinger und Abraham Ecchellensis,’ in Zeitsprünge. Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit, 16 (2012), pp. 75-91
  • Jan Loop, ‘Johann Heinrich Hottinger (1620–1667) und das ‚Studium Orientale’ an den Zürcher Schulen’ in Reformierte Orthodoxie und Aufklärung. Die Zürcher Hohe Schule im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, ed. Hanspeter Marti (Cologne, 2012), pp. 21-45
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