Mental Health

The School of Advanced Study and Warburg Institute takes its responsibility towards student mental health very seriously. It has strengthened its support in this area and now offers regular mental health awareness programmes to student-facing staff and students.

The Institute has a Mental Wellbeing Contact for students: Peter Lin. If you have any concerns regarding your mental wellbeing during your studies you can contact Peter at: or 0207 862 8898. All enquiries and discussions will be strictly confidential and he will be able to direct you to the most appropriate sources of support.

If you would prefer not to discuss your concerns with a member of staff at the Institute, you can contact directly. The Disability & Student Wellbeing Adviser provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space in which students can discuss any issues that may be affecting your ability to study. This encompasses: any personal or emotional challenges you may be experiencing; mental health such as anxiety or depression or disability such as dyslexia or a long-term health condition.

If you have longer term mental health difficulties, you may wish to consider declaring this as a disability. This may thus entitle you to counselling from the School’s advisors. This counselling is specifically geared to assisting you complete your studies successfully.

You will also find more detailed information and a more detailed list of sources on the School's Wellbeing Pages.


You are advised to register with a local doctor (GP surgery). All students including overseas students (and their dependants) are entitled to health care under the NHS.

Full details about this and a list of GP practices in the vicinity can be found in the handbook for your programme.

Overseas students

There are several sources of information and support available for overseas students.