MPhil/PhD Exchange and Travel Opportunities

Warburg Institute Travel Fund for existing Warburg MPhil/PhD Students

The Institute has a small Student Travel Fund which provides grants for research visits by both full-time and part-time Warburg MPhil/PhD students. Applicants must be registered for the MPhil or PhD degree. Those registered for the MPhil degree will not, normally, be eligible to receive an award until they have completed ‘Progression’. This will be at the end of the first year for full-time students and the end of the second year for part-time students. Students can, however, apply in advance for travel due to take place after the ‘Progression’ date. MA students are not eligible to apply. Please note that whilst International travel can be funded, awards are usually given for travel costing between £200 - £400. The closing dates for receipt of application forms are 15 October 2018, 15 February 2019 and 15 June 2019.

Please email for guidelines and an application form.


Scuola Normale Superiore Exchange Programme

The Scuola Normale Superiore exchange is available for a period of three months to Warburg Institute students who have completed two years of their PhD studies. The exchange is intended for research in disciplines which are common to the Institute and the Scuola Normale. Exchange students have access to seminars and facilities and are able to participate in the cultural activities of the Scuola. If you wish to submit an application for the exchange please submit a brief note outlining why you wish to apply for the exchange and what work you wish to pursue whilst there together with a letter of support from your supervisor. Applications should be sent to​. These will be considered by The Warburg Institute teaching committee and if accepted will be forwarded to the Scuola for consideration. Any application submitted now will be for an exchange period in the next academic year.

The Scoula will provide help with finding suitable accommodation but there is no financial support for accommodation or for subsistence and these costs, and travel costs, must be met by the student. Accommodation may be available in the Scuola Normale student residences.