Warburg Institute Fees


A schedule of fees while you study at the Warburg Institute.


Student Fees 2019 - 2020 (subject to annual uplift)

The Warburg Institute Fees - Academic Year 2019 - 2020



Degree Programme





MA in Cultural, Intellectual and Visual History


  £4,260 (per year)



MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture (with NG)


 £4,560 (per year)







£9,120 (per year)

PhD Writing Up Fee





MPhil/PhD Continuing Students




£8,265 (per year)
MRes in Art History and Renaissance Culture £7,100   £4,260 (per year) £15,860 n/a
MRes in Cultural, Intellectual and Visual History £7,100   £4,260 (per year) £15,860 n/a
PG Certificate in Art History and Renaissance Culture n/a £2,350 n/a n/a
PG Certificate in Cultural, Intellectual and Visual History n/a £2,350 n/a n/a








Alumni Discount 

If you graduated from SAS you will be eligible for an alumni discount. If you progress directly without a break, you will receive a 15% discount, otherwise you will receive a 10% discount. More details are available in the SAS Tuition Fee Policy. 



Warburg Institute students have access to a variety of sources of funding. The Institute has an excellent record in securing external funding, and is happy to work with prospective students on their funding applications.

MA Funding

PhD Funding

Warburg Institute Hardship Grant

The Institute has a small hardship grant that both MA and PhD students can apply to. The maximum amount of funding available per student is likely to be a few hundred pounds.

The Warburg Hardship Grant provides discretionary financial assistance for all students – particularly to meet extra costs that cannot be met from other sources of support. The grant is intended to alleviate financial hardship.

You can apply for help from the grant at any time during the academic year. 

Download the form. 

Please note: Existing Warburg Students are also eligible to apply for this bursary


Occasional students' fees: £390.00 per term; £1,150 per annum 

Living Expenses: In addition to the fees MA students are recommended to allow approximately £12,000 per annum and MPhil/PhD students approximately £16,000 for living expenses in London.

The fees listed may be subject to an annual increase.​ For further information on when and how to pay tuition fees please read the SAS tuition fee policy.