WAR - In this section

If you are a student at one of the University of London's 17 member institutions, then you can choose to apply to take one of your option modules at the Warburg Institute.

Option modules available

•            Classical Disorders: Architecture, Painting and the Afterlives of the Renaissance

•            Cosmological Images: Representing the Universe

•            Mapping Worlds: Medieval to Modern

•            Renaissance Political Thought from Erasmus to Campanella

•            Religion and Society in Italy


Entry details and requirements

You must be a student at a University of London institution.

The cost is £825.00 per module. This is the pro-rata fee from the MA programme based on the credits being taken and your University needs to agree to pay this.

Each option module at the Warburg Institute is 20 Credits.

We will not hold any places on these modules prior to the Intercollegiate Registration form being completed and signed by your University.

All option modules run in term 2, from 11 January 2020, and are assessed by a 4,000 word essay.

If you wish to apply please download and fill in this form and send it to warburg@sas.ac.uk.