Bill Sherman photo

Bill Sherman

Deputy Director 
Michelle O'Malley

Professor of the History of Islamic Influences in Europe
Charles Burnett

Lecturer and MA Convenor
Joanne Anderson

Lecturer and MA Convenor
Alessandro Scafi

Librarian and Reader
Raphaële Mouren

Curator - Photographic Collection
Paul Taylor
Deputy-Curator - Photographic Collection
Rembrandt Duits

Claudia Wedepohl

Mellon Professor in Art History, History of Science and Folk Practice
John Tresch

Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Intellectual History
Sara Miglietti

Assistant Archivist - Bilderfahrzeuge Project
Eckart Marchand

Part-time Course Tutor, English and Italian Palaeography
Stefan Bauer


Part-time Course Tutor, French and Italian Language
Caroline Oates


Lucy Nicholas

 Part-time Course Tutor, Latin Language
Lucy Nicholas


Part-time Course Tutor, Italian Language.
Aldo Miceli