Lucy Nicholas

lucy nicholas

Dr Lucy Rachel Nicholas teaches Latin and Greek at the Warburg Institute. She is interested in projects which bridge the fields of Neo-Latin and Early Modern Reformation History, and in ancient authors, particularly Ovid and Prudentius, lecturing on both Greek and Latin literature. Her doctoral thesis entailed a translation and contextual analysis of a Latin treatise on the Eucharist by the sixteenth century English humanist and Cambridge classical scholar, Roger Ascham. Aspects of this have been published as ‘Roger Ascham’s Defence of the Lord’s Supper’, Reformation, vol. 20 (2015), 26-61 and Roger Ascham’s ‘A Defence of the Lord’s Supper’: Latin Text and English Translation (Brill, 2017). She is currently co-editing an interdisciplinary volume on Roger Ascham (forthcoming, Brill) and two Neo-Latin anthologies on Britain and Europe (forthcoming, Bloomsbury). The Latin works of Johannes Sturm and Walter Haddon represent the focus of her current research.