The Warburg Institute Summer School

Aby Warburg, the Picture Atlas and the Making of Visual Culture

mnemosyne atlas panel

The inaugural Warburg Institute Summer School, dedicated to the work of Aby Warburg and his picture atlas Mnemosynetook place over five days in July 2019. 

Next year's Summer School will take place for two weeks from 13 July - 24 July 2020.

The Warburg Institute is located at Woburn Square in Bloomsbury, London. It has a history unlike any other institution within the humanities, being home to such luminaries as Ernst Gombrich, Frances Yates and Michael Baxandall. Its outstanding achievements within various fields of research - art history as well as history of philosophy, religion or sciences - are reflected in the intellectual culture of the Institute today and materially accessible due to what is probably ‘the most complete institutional archive within the humanities’ (Elizabeth Sears, University of Michigan). The Warburg Institute Summer School is a unique opportunity to engage with this history and its big ideas by working with original archival documents, books and images.

Convened by Professor Bill ShermanDirector, Warburg Institute 

Fee: TBC

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 has significantly changed my approach to studies and research - perhaps even the ultimate goal of my studies...