Speaking with you - November 2020!

This November, we will be calling the Institute’s alumni and friends in the USA and Canada to give an update on our current activities and future plans, as well as letting you know how you can get involved and support the Warburg. The student calling team will be calling from CoAltus, a company engaged by the Institute to carry out this campaign. We will be calling alumni in the USA from telephone number (516)-888-1475 and alumni in Canada from (647)-493-6365. Our decision to call from American and Canadian telephone numbers, as opposed to a London number, is based on regulations in America and Canada requiring us to call you from a number that you are able to call back.

Purpose of the call

This call will provide the chance for you to learn more about what is happening at the Institute, and it also gives the students a valuable opportunity to speak with our alumni and find out more about where your Warburg Institute degree has taken you.

How you can help

If you have taken the time to speak with one of the students already, thank you! If you haven't had the chance to answer your call yet, it would be great to speak with you soon. It's a fantastic opportunity for the students to develop their skills and update you on everything that’s currently taking place at the Institute.

Become a supporter

If you don’t get a chance to speak with a student, you can still show your support and donate to the Institute. Your generosity makes such a difference to the community of students, readers, researchers and staff at the Warburg, helping to support our Library and collections, benefit the Institute’s education and research activities and drive the Warburg Renaissance project.

If you would rather not receive this call, please let us know by calling +44 (0)20 7863 1340 or by emailing friendsofthewarburg@sas.ac.uk