Student scholarships and bursaries

"With the pressures on students as fees increase, and on institutions as budgets shrink, philanthropic support is more important than ever."

Prof Bill Sherman, Director


The Warburg Institute is committed to attracting students from across the world, to study and learn at all levels, regardless of background or circumstance. Student scholarships and bursaries make it possible for students, who might not be able to otherwise, to attend the Institute. We strive to be a haven for people and collections who are displaced, offering a refuge as well as a cultural memory bank in line with the original mission of the Institute.

Thanks to a number of generous donations we are able to offer scholarships and bursaries to students studying at the Warburg Institute, which not only provide financial support, but as last year’s Peltz Scholar who is studying on the MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture course noted, "it places confidence in the student to continue with their education. Without the generosity of foundations or donors, some educational opportunities for many, as they were for me, are very difficult to obtain"




If you are interested in helping to aid student scholarships and bursaries please get in touch with us at