Valentina Cacopardo

PhD Student

Research interests
Cultural history | Art History | Iconology | Early modern philosophy | Neo-Latin literature

Year PhD started


Memory and Imagination in the Ars memorativa in Fifteenth-Century Italy

My thesis outlines and examines the relationship between memory and imagination in the ars memorativa in fifteenth-century Italy. Its principal focus is on selected texts and illuminations from ca. 1420 until ca. 1460, all connected to Padua, Mantua and Venice. The dissertation investigates the role of imagination in the development of the techniques of memory employed to control and regulate the processes of both remembering and forgetting. This study explores the interrelationship between text and image and memory and oblivion, contributing to our understanding on how and why the art of memory in the fifteenth-century treatises is innovative and significant for the development of ars memorativa as an independent interdisciplinary genre.

Supervisors: Professor Charles Burnett & Professor John Tresch