The Library and Photographic Collection

We welcome group visitors on a case by case basis. Please contact the Library or Photographic Collection at least three weeks in advance to arrange a visit or tour. 

As part of a tour we can offer a general introduction to the collections. This will cover how they are organised and an overview of their history, including the contribution of Aby Warburg.

Warburg's Bilderatlas Mnemosyne no longer exists in its original form and cannot be viewed during tours of the Library and Photographic Collection, but many of the original images and related documents are held in the Institute’s Archive.

We prefer to limit the number of people on a visit to 20. We ask visitors to observe the rules of the Library while in the stacks, to maintain a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for other readers, and not to block public areas.

We do not have public space within the Library for breakouts or class gatherings. If a room is required for this purpose it should be booked prior to the visit. Find out more about hiring a room at the Warburg Institute.

The Archive

Group visits may include a brief introduction to the Institute’s Archive with a focus on the collection of Aby Warburg’s papers.

If you wish to organise a group visit the Archive, please contact us by email at least three weeks before your planned visit.

Introductions to the Archive are limited to times when a group visit does not disturb pre-booked Archive users.

The Archive cannot accommodate groups larger than 15 people.

Introductions to the Archive do not include in-depth explanations of Aby Warburg’s contribution to scholarship, e.g. his Bilderatlas Mnemosyne. Teachers and group leaders who wish to receive an introduction of this kind need to arrange such a session at least three months in advance. This additional service will be subject to a fee; please contact us to discuss your requirements.