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The Art of the Poor in the Late Middles Ages and Renaissance

The art history of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance has generally been written as a story of elites: bankers, noblemen, kings, and popes and their artistic interests and commissions. Recent decades have seen attempts to recast the story in terms of material culture and include a wider range of objects than are discussed in the traditional surveys of painting, sculpture and architecture, but the focus has not fundamentally shifted away from the upper strata of society. One otherwise excellent publication following this new approach even states confidently that ‘there was no such thing as poor man’s art in the Renaissance.’ More


Asinara is an exhibition of photographs by Marco Delogu. It will take place in the Photo Collection at the Warburg Institute from 4 - 31 May, 10.00 - 18.00 (weekdays). The exhibition launch will take place on 3 May at 17.30 . There will also be a breakfast seminar about the exhibition, led by Marco Delogu, on 18 May 2018 from 9.00 - 10.30. For further information on the exhibition and to register for the launch and/or the breakfast seminar please click here.

Re-opening the Workshop: Medieval to Early Modern

The aim of our lecture series on the artistic workshop is to speak to an interdisciplinary audience who are interested in thinking about issues such as agency and the commission, production and the use of art works and objects in the widest possible sense as well as those attuned to the theoretical implications these issues have for visual and material culture of all ages/periods. The lecture series will be free and open to a wide public.