Conferences and workshops

Freedom, Servitude and Politics in Renaissance France

7 February 2020

In early modern French political, historical and literary traditions, questions of freedom and servitude remain perennial topics of debate. Recent new work has looked afresh at a range of fundamental issues relating to tyranny, submission, and liberty, affecting the history of ideas, political theory, and vernacular literature

At this one day conference, six key researchers currently working in this field of study will represent a spectrum of current critical perspectives from France and the UK on early modern history, political theory, philosophy and literature.

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Plurilingualism in the Kingdom of Naples (1442-1503): reassessing uses and literary production

6 March 2020

Speakers: David Cowling (Durham), Alessandro Carlucci (Oxford), Valentina Sferagatta (Naples), Carlo Caruso (Siena), Chiara de Caprio (Naples), Florence Bistagne (Avignon), Susan Baddeley (Paris) 

Plurilingualism is usually defined as the use of several languages by the same individual. It includes bilingualism - the most frequent case - but is distinguished from multilingualism, which means the coexistence of several languages within a specific social group.

Taking the Kingdom of Naples as a starting point, the workshop will offer case studies of other languages and countries to broaden towards a re-examination of the question of plurilinguism in Early Modern Europe. 

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