Research Training and Courses

From brushing up on your Renaissance Latin to learning to read Classical Greek texts, the Warburg Institute runs an active programme of research training and courses.

Short Courses


Renaissance Art and Material Culture

28 June - 2 July 2021

A new 5-day short course convened by Rembrandt Duits (Deputy Curator of the Photographic Collection). The course will draw on a range of approaches and a broad array of material culture in an examination of how various strata of Early Modern European society experienced and appreciated "art", and how such wider popular narratives fit alongside the more traditional art historical perspectives of the great Renaissance painters, sculptor and architects.  

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Beginners Renaissance Latin Intensive

20 - 24 September

The course is designed for total beginners. It will focus on the rudiments of the Latin language, but with a key aim of helping students develop the ability and confidence to navigate their way around a range of early modern primary sources in Latin from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. 

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Meet the Warburg: Lucy Nicholas, Lecturer in Latin and Ancient Greek

In this blog post, Dr Lucy Nicholas tells us what to expect in one of her classes.



The Warburg Institute hosts a number of online events, most of which are free.

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