Seminar of Neoplatonic Studies

On its fifth year the Seminar of Neoplatonic Studies will explore two thematic cycles. The first one, on evil, will explore the intertwining of materiality and evil that informs the groundwork of Platonist thought. The absence of form, concomitant with the absence of the good, establishes materiality and evil as two faces of a single coin, with far reaching consequences. For the first time, the Seminar will follow the lineage of Platonist thought to explore Latin and Medieval thinkers.

For the first time the Seminar will also strive to invite a small number of eminent scholars who will give a presentation and open a discussion on a theme or text of their choice. The second cycle will focus on the Phaedrus, the celebrated Platonic dialogue on eros and the soul, along with the first part of commentary of Hermias on the text, for the first time translated and published in English this year in the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle series.

If you wish to join the group’s readings and mailing list please write to Dr Georgios Tsagdis

Organisers: Dr Georgios Tsagdis, Prof Dilwyn Knox, Dr Sara Miglietti

Autumn timetable to be confirmed.