Tea Time Talks

Tea Time Talks are a forum for research fellows and other members of the Warburg community to introduce their current projects. The talks are designed to generate discussion about each scholar’s research questions and particular research problems. Fellows new to the institute introduce the projects that form the basis of their Warburg fellowships, while Warburg academic staff present on their research interests and current projects.

Links to the online sessions will be circulated each week to all Warburg staff, fellows and students. Anyone external to the Warburg Institute who would like to attend a Tea Time Talk should email warburg@sas.ac.uk to request a link.

Spring Term 2021

Mondays, 4.15pm - 5.00pm
  • 18 January: Rebecca Müller (Visiting Fellow) – ‘Neither true nor false. Materials and meanings in medieval glass gems'
  • 25 January: Adam Sammut (Visiting Fellow) - 'Heart of glass: Abraham van Diepenbeeck’s Pauline windows for the Dominican church in Antwerp'
  • 22 February: Michael Jaworzyn (Visiting Fellow) – ‘Heterodox Cartesianism and the Theory and Practice of Painting in the Dutch Republic (1665-1715)’
  • 1 March: Juliette Milbach (Visiting Fellow) – ‘Art Discourse in the Soviet Union: An Inquiry into the Viewers’ Imagination’
  • 8 March: Katie Reid (English Palaeography Tutor) & Elsa Court (French Tutor) - current projects and research
  • 15 March: Donato Verardi (Visiting Fellow) – 'Magic and history of magic in The Magus by Francis Barrett: The authentic works of Cornelius Agrippa and the problem of the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy’ 

Autumn Term 2020

  • 12 October: Azadeh Fatehrad (Ouseley Short Term Fellow): ‘Iconography: The Representation of Hand Gestures in Arabic Manuscripts (c. 15th Century)’; Alex Feldman (Frances A. Yates Short Term Fellow): ‘The Monotheisation of Pontic-Caspian Eurasia, 8-13th Centuries’
  • 19 October: Caspar Pearson (Lecturer in 13th to 17th Century History of Art) & Michele O'Malley (Warburg Institute Deputy Director)
  • 26 October: Alessandro Scafi (Senior Lecturer in Medieval/Renaissance Cultural History) and John Tresch (Professor in the History of Art, Science and Folk Practise)
  • 2 November: Charles Burnett (Professor, Islamic Influences in Europe) and Bill Sherman (Director, Warburg Institute)
  • 16 November: Matthew Coneys (Lecturer in Italian) and Sarah Parkhouse: (Henri Frankfort Short Term Fellow): 'The Canon and Community of the Pistis Sophia Books I-II'
  • 23 November: Rembrandt Duits (Deputy Curator, Photographic Collection) and Claudia Wedepohl (Warburg Archivist)
  • 30 November: Sara Miglietti (Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Intellectual History) and Lucy Nicholas (Lecturer in Latin and Ancient Greek)
  • 7 December: Raphaële Mouren (Librarian of the Warburg Institute and Reader in the History of the Book and Libraries) and Paul Taylor (Curator, Photographic Collection)